WhIte WInes

Le Bouquet de Georges Duboeuf, FRANCE


£ - 175ml 4.2 / 250ml 5.9 / 750ml 15.5
Fresh floral aroma and crisp ripe fruit on the palate. A dry, easy-drinking style. 12%

Mánnara Grıllo/Pınot Grıgıo

£ - 175ml 4.7 / 250ml 6.5 / 750ml 17.5
A dry, easy-drinking Sicilian white with a floral aroma and flavours of citrus, apple, pear and almonds. 12.5%
Lontue Valley, CHILE

Gran Hacıenda Sauvıgnon Blanc

£ - 175ml 4.9 / 250ml 6.7 / 750ml 18.5
Crisp and refreshing, with aromas of grapefruit and lemon peel lending a fresh balance to the tropical fruit character. Vibrant and well-rounded. 13.5%
Sauvignion Blanc/Chenin Blanc

Buıten Blanc

750ml £21
A crisp, medium-bodied wine with a variation of fruit characters including ripe gooseberry, green peppers green melon and hints of tropical fruit. 12.5%
Languedoc-Roussillon, FRANCE

Pıcpoul de Pınet Beauvıgnac

750ml £24
Elegant aromas of citrus pear and white flowers, and a crisp, mineral palate ideally suited to seafood. 12.5%

La Contessa Gavı, Bruno Broglıa

750ml £27.5
Great texture and precision, with distinctive greengage and almond notes on the palate. Fresh and dry, this is particularly characterful Gavi. 13%